Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula Region Winery Tours

Cafe Bus Winery Tours

See, smell, taste, touch, hear

Tantalise your senses and go on a winery tour! It’s so much more than just wine tasting and visiting wineries!
If you’re looking for wine tours then you should definitely consider wine tours from Cafe Bus.
Cafe Bus offers two different types of tours: The 1 Day Yarra Valley Winery Tour and the 1 Day Mornington Peninsula Tour. I will first describe the Yarra Valley Winery Tour and give more information and after that I will tell about the Mornington Peninsula Tour.

About Cafe Bus
Cafe Bus offers two different 1 day winery tours with Cafe lunches in the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula.
The reason why you should consider doing a tour with Cafe Bus is because they use a luxury and very comfortable coach with a maximum of 18 passengers. This means small groups, more personalized tours and more space!
There is an on-board coffee machine available which means unlimited free coffee during your tour and there is also free water available. So you definitely won’t be thirsty!
All the wine and cider tastings, Gourmet picnic lunch, Gourmet afternoon tea and local snacks for the morning tea are included in the price for both tours. This makes the tour very relaxed, because there are no extra fees and you don’t have to worry about spending more money or getting your own food and drinks during the tour. You can truly relax, sit back and enjoy the ride!
This tour is not suitable for (under-aged) children because there is wine tasting involved.

Café Bus provides Café lunches in the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula winery areas, on the winery tours. They visit the Wattleseed Café in Healesville on the Yarra Valley tour and the Flinders Bakehouse Café on the Mornington Peninsula tour.
The price for the 1 Day Yarra Valley Wine Tour is $119 per person and for the 1 Day Mornington Peninsula Tour it’s $129 per person.
There is a $5 discount per person if you book the tour with 3 or more people. You can also get a $10 discount if you book both tours so you don’t have to decide which one you’d like to do.
If you want to do one winery tour and a different tour (such as Great Ocean Road day tour or Phillip Island day tour ) you can get $10 discount.

The biggest difference between Wine Tour in Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula Tour is the area you visit. Yarra Valley is located in the inside of the country and on the east of Melbourne, and Mornington Peninsula is located south from Melbourne and on the coast. Yarra Valley winery tour has gorgeous mountain views, but the Mornington Peninsula wine tour contains more coastal views.
The other difference is of course visits to different wineries, vineyards, cellar doors and other stops.
The wine tour Yarra Valley all wine, chocolate and cider tastings, morning tea, lunch and gourmet afternoon tea is included. In the winery tour Mornington Peninsula all wine, cheese and chocolate tastings, morning snacks, lunch and gourmet afternoon tea are included.

Yarra Valley Winery Tour

What you should know about the Yarra Valley Winery tour
The Yarra Valley Winery Tour is a 1 day Yarra Valley wine tour which goes every Friday and Sunday.
Yarra Valley is the area surrounding the Yarra River and the river is located 90 kilometres east from Melbourne. The river starts east from Melbourne and flows out into Port Phillip Bay.
First you’ll be picked up from several places in or near Melbourne and then it’s about an hour drive from here to Yarra Valley wineries.

Yarra Valley is a popular area for wine tours. The reason is that it’s close to a major city, a prolific producer of good quality wine and that there are more than 90 wineries!
Cafe Bus has a beautiful selection of different Yarra Valley wineries so that you can experience different sorts of places and wineries in Yarra Valley.

Some of the best things to do in the Yarra Valley
It’s time to get to know more details about the stops we make during the Yarra Valley Winery Tour.
There are seven stops in total, from which three are wineries, one a cider tasting stop and the other three are food stops.

The first stop is after about an hour drive from Melbourne, which is the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice-Creamery. During this stop you will see the Chocolaterie and the Ice-Creamery from the inside and how the chocolatiers do their work (which is quite interesting, because they work so precise, so detailed, it’s amazing how they do it!), but you’ll also taste delicious different samples of chocolate and ice cream. And that’s just the beginning of the tour!
The second stop is Napoleone and Co Cider where you’ll taste different types of ciders made of Apples, Pears. Really refreshing!
The third stop is a food tasting stop at the Yarra Valley Dairy which is an old milking shed where you’re going to do some cheese tasting and you get gourmet deli goods (which is delicious finger food/snacks).
The fourth stop is the first winery of the tour; the Dominique Portet Winery. This winery is run by French family with 10 generations of winemaking experience. You recognize the French influence in the wines and taste several typically French wines.
The fifth stop is the Café Lunch or Gourmet picnic, which is included in the price. This picnic is at Maroondah Reservoir Healesville, by the banks of the Watts River if it’s good weather. If the weather is bad, the lunch is in a cosy cafe in Healesville. In the last case you also have a bit of time to explore the town.
The sixth stop is another winery. This time it’s the Killara Estate Winery. The combination of the view (the winery has one of the best views of the whole Yarra Valley) and the wine tasting at this vineyard makes it extraordinary.
Last but not least is the stop at Payne’s Rise Winery. This winery was the first settler in the Yarra Valley. This stop is also the afternoon tea of delicious cheeses and savory snacks. The perfect ending to a perfect day!

So if you’re thinking of visiting Yarra Valley this is a perfect way to see the nicest Yarra Valley Wineries and Yarra Valley Vineyards in a day!

Mornington Peninsula Tour

What you should know about The Mornington Peninsula tour. The Mornington Peninsula Tour is a 1 day wine tour which goes to Mornington Peninsula every Thursday and Saturday.
Mornington Peninsula is located south from Melbourne near the coast. You can do wine and food tasting and enjoy coastal views at the same time!
There are several pick up locations in and near Melbourne where you can be picked up from. The drive will take about an hour and a few minutes.

Mornington wine tours are not only about tasting food and wine, but you can also enjoy the view during this tour, because it’s located near the coast. Mornington Peninsula winery tours are popular because of the same reason the winery tours Yarra Valley are popular. It is a most prolific producer of good quality wine and there are more than 200 vineyards and 50 cellar doors. So more than enough Mornington Peninsula wineries!

Some of the best things to do in Mornington Peninsula
There are several stops during the Mornington Peninsula Day Tour, eight in total. Three winery stops, four food tasting stops (one of them is the lunch) and one viewing stop.

The first stop is after about an hour drive and is Arthurs Seat. During this stop you can take pictures and enjoy the gorgeous view. Arthurs Seat is the highest point of the Peninsula and gives a spectacular view over the ocean! A perfect picture moment!

The second stop is the Main ridge dairy. This is the first food tasting stop. You stop at this boutique dairy and taste several samples of delicious goat cheese! It doesn’t matter if you enjoy your cheese or not, you will definitely enjoy this!
The third stop is Sunnyridge Strawberry farm. This is heaven if you like strawberries. During this stop you will taste different strawberry liqueurs and wines, taste delicious strawberries and chocolates and pick your own strawberries (this is only seasonally available).
The fourth stop is the first winery you will visit, the T’Gallant Winery. During this stop you will taste several cool climate wines.
The fifth stop is a chocolate tasting stop at the Mornington Peninsula Chocolates. Here you will taste several delicious chocolate samples and you will see how the chocolatiers working and creating beautiful chocolates.
The sixth stop is the Café Lunch or Gourmet picnic at the beach (if the weather is good enough to go there). You can also go for a swim if the weather is good. There is also the option to play beach cricket if you’re in an active mood. If the weather isn’t good you’ll go to a cosy cafe in the seaside village of Flinders.
The seventh stop is the Red Hill Estate Winery. You will not only taste delicious wines, but also see some of the best ocean views of any winery in the world! Pretty impressive!
Last but not least is the stop at Stonier Winery. This winery was awarded 5 star best in region winery 2011! You will taste different kind of wines and sparkling varieties. And to end the tour well you will enjoy your afternoon tea while enjoying the gorgeous view.

You also visit the Merricks General Wine Store on the Mornington Peninsula for our Mornington Peninsula winery tour. The Merricks General Wine Store is the cellar door for three outstanding wineries on the Mornington Peninsula– Elgee Park, Bailleau Esatate and Queally Wines.

So if you’re thinking of going on a wine tour it’s most definitely recommendable to do either of these tours if you enjoy your foods and drinks!