1 Day Lake Mountain Snow Tour, Melbourne

If you are looking for an awesome 1 Day SNOW TOUR around Melbourne, then Cafe Bus is the one to do. Last week I jumped on board to check out this “little ripper” and we had an absolutely amazing time. Cafe Bus 1 day tour, to Lake Mountain, is simply put a great day out.

We started our day just before 8am, picked up from the door of our accommodation in Melbourne, aboard Cafe Bus and then we were off to the SNOW. Lake Mountain is stunning, especially on a beautiful crisp blue sky winter morning.

Once we arrived at Lake Mountain, we had the opportunity to simply have some fun in the snow. The whole bus built a snow man, and the group photos we took were lots of fun. We had the opportunity to hire all of our own snow gear (for those that didn’t bring their own), and even a toboggan, which was soooo much fun. And once we had played about for a few hours, we were cold enough to wander inside the cafe to warm up by the fire! This of course involved hot chocolate and coffees, while we thawed out.

For someone who didn’t have a lot of time to spend in Melbourne, a 1 day Snow Tour was absolutely the best way to see the snow. But the best was yet to come.

On the way home to Melbourne, we stopped off at Steavenson Falls, near Marysville. Being winter there was plenty of water, and it was simply gorgeous and we got some more fantastic photos.

A visit to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie wouldn’t be complete without an ice cream tasting, especially when the weather is cold. You can actually feel the ice cream freezing your insides, which undoubtably makes you feel very much alive! And the chocolates, oh so many chocolates! Absolutely delicious, and so many different types, fudges & soft centres. So much flavour…a different chocolate for every chocolate lover. MMMMMMMM so good!

Absolutely an action packed day of SNOW, FUN and Chocolate, and don’t forget Steavenson Falls. After meeting some wonderful new found friends we returned to Melbourne and rested our weary legs.

ALL IN ALL a fantastic day out. Thanks Cafe Bus.

lake mountain snow tour